hris-human resource management system


Human resource information system is software containing databases

It allows the entering, storage and manipulation of data regarding employees of a company

It helps in visualization and access of important employee information.

It is also known as

HRMS-human resource management system

INPUT FUNCTION -which provides the capabilities needed to enter information into


DATA MAINTENANCE-The data maintenance function is responsible for the actual updating of the data stored in the storage devices

OUTPUT FUCTION-gives output reports which are the crucial links to the users

Reduction in the cost of stored data in human resource.

Higher speed of retrieval and processing of data and availability of accurate and timely data about human resources.

Better analysis leading to more effective decision making and more meaningful career planning and counselling at all levels.

Improved quality of reports and more transparency in the system.

Better ability to respond to environmental changes

It can be expensive at implementation stage

For effective application of HRIS we need to have employees with good computer literacy

Absence of continuous up-dating of HRIS makes information stale