Study Skills Resources

Questions to ask about your child’s study habits:
 Is homework done at home? – Or is it done on the bus, in homeroom, in
another class?
 Before doing homework, does your child review notes and examples from
class that day and at least one previous day?
 Does your child give himself or herself enough space to do the work? It
should not be crammed into a small area.
 Does your child show all work? Students will usually do not remember how
they did a problem unless all steps are written on his or her paper.
 If your child is getting assistance from someone when doing homework, is
every problem completed with assistance? If so, your child has not had
sufficient practice on his or her own.
 Are your child’s homework papers done in pencil with corrections made on
the paper (in pen)?
 If your child is absent is he or she visiting the blog after 5:00 PM, writing
assignments in his or her agenda, and following up the next day to turn in
homework and get the makeup work?
 Does your child prepare for tests and quizzes? Simply reading through
notes is not sufficient for success on assessments.
 Does your child use resources that teachers post on blogs? The resources
on the front of this page should be used, as well.
 If your child is having difficulty with skills that were previously taught, is he
or she getting more practice? The websites on the front of this page can be
used for that purpose.
Math Resources:
Study Skills, math anxiety, learning styles
Skills Instruction, Practice, Games
 (Provided by
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 Password: cobb
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6th Grade:
 Addition, subtraction, and
multiplication of FRACTIONS
 Multiplication facts
 Basic division
7th Grade:
 Addition, subtraction, multiplication,
and division of FRACTIONS and
 Multiplication facts
 (same as
 (powerpoint
8th Grade:
 Addition, subtraction, multiplication,
and division of INTEGERS (+/- numbers)
 (all levels - interactive
 Strong grasp of FRACTIONS and
 ( sign up for free
practice problems, videos)
Online Manipulatives
Online Textbook: (NEW THIS YEAR)
Algebra (middle school and high school concepts)
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 Username: ccsd(student ID)
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Family math activities
 Password: cobbmath1 (same for all
Links to many other sites
 WWW.GOOGLE.COM or your favorite search engine (Search specific skill topics)
General Resources