Math Message Power Point Unit 2

Everyday Mathematics
Grade 5 – Unit 2
Estimation and Computation
2.1 Estimation Challenge
• If you were measuring the length of
a school bus, would you use inches,
feet, or yards? Why?
• Use the unit of measure you chose to
estimate the length of a school bus.
2.2 Addition of Whole
Numbers and Decimals
• Use the information on Student
Reference Book, pages 28-30
to solve the Check Your
Understanding Problems on the
bottom of page 30.
2.3 Subtraction of Whole
Numbers and Decimals
• Solve each problem
81-47= ?
8.1 – 4.7 = ?
• Describe how the two problems
are alike and different.
2.4 Addition and Subtraction
Number Stories
• Niko has $8.00. Does he have
enough money to buy 3 fancy
pencils for $1.98 each and an
eraser for $1.73?
• What is the total cost of 3
pencils and 1 eraser?
2.5 Estimate Your
Reaction Time
• Cut out the Grab-It Gauge
on Activity Sheet 2 in your
math journal.
2.6 Chance Events
Survey the class for the results
of the home experiments. Ask
your classmates:
What true statements can you
make to compare the results of
your home experiment with the
class experiment?
2.7 Estimating Products
• Use the numbers 10, 6, 9, 8, and
5 to make expressions that are
equivalent names for 1, 10, and
100. Use addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division, or
exponents, and try to use all 5
• Record your expression on the class
name-collection box for that
2.8 Multiplication of Whole
Numbers and Decimals
• Estimate the solution to this
problem. Write a number
sentence to show how you
found your estimate.
3.7 * 6.2
2.9 The Lattice Method of
• Study the problems in
column A on journal page
54. Then use lattice
multiplication to solve the
problems in column B.
2.10 Comparing Millions,
Billions, and Trillions
• Explain the strategy you
would use to find the
number of minutes in a
2.11 Progress Check 2
Complete the Self Assessment.