Digital Agenda #3 Functions Unit 1 ALGEBRA 2 September 19 th

Digital Agenda #3 Functions Unit 1 ALGEBRA 2
September 19th – September 23rd, 2011
Function Operations + , - , * , / Continuation
Check In/Do Know: Download files
Essential Question (s): What are the different function operations?
Standard(s) from Instructional Guide: (TCRP Domains 1-3)Alg 2 24.0
Student Objective (s):
 The students will be able to perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on functions
Assessment and Student Reflection:
Perform the following operations on these functions:
1) Addition and Subtraction I will write them on the board
2) Multiplication and Division I will write them on the board
3) Give the student 2 different composite functions to solve on the board
Individualized Online
•1. Do Now
•2. Mini-Lecture on Function
operations continuations with
white board practice
• Last 15 min of class exit slip and
summary please remind me!!!
Explicit Direct Instruction
• Agenda
• PS: For any video Please do the Video Protocol!!!
• 1. Watch the following videos and complete the BLAST Model
Video Protocol
• Algebra 2 7 3 Lesson Part 1 Power Function and Function
• Algebra 2 7.3 Part 1 Examples Power Functions and Function
• Operations with Functions - How to Add, Subtract, Multiply, or
Divide Functions:
• Multiply and Divide Functions 3.1:
• 2.Play the following funtion game:
• 3. Play the following fuction game:
• 4.Work on activity sheet for + and - functions
• 5.Work on activity sheet for * and / functions
• 6.Work on the following Kuta Mix Function Operations
practices, please work this very nicely step by step justifying
every step on your notebook or on the notebook software:
• 7.
• 8. Work on addtion, subtraction, multiplication and division
activity sheets
• PS: For any video Please do the Video
• 1. Read the following article on on purple
math on "Operations on Functions, and please
complete the "Blast Model Reading Protocol"
• 2. With your group memebers, please have a
discussion in your own groups about the
article and what it is about, and how does it
explain what Function operations are
• 3. In teams of 2 work on a graphic
organizer/poster on Function Operations give
3 examples of each: +, -, * , / please label
each step clearly, show all your work!!!
• 4. Work on Little laminated evaluating
function cards do the problems on the
template format on the omputer or on your
• 5. Work on domain cards, work on them on
the tempate format on the computer or on
your notebook
• 6. Go into imovie and do a presentation on
fucntion operations and give examples of alll
• 7..Work on addtion, subtration, ultiplication
and division of functions activity sheet.
Activities and Stations