Course Syllabus


L a n i e r r M i i d d l l e S c h o o l

“ A n I I n t e r n a t i i o n a l l B a c c a l l a u r e a t t e M i i d d l l e Y e a r r s P r r o g r r a m m e S c h o o l l ”

M. Bordelon

Math 6Vg & Math 6

’12 – ‘13

Course Syllabus

Welcome to 6th grade on-level and Vanguard Mathematics! Our 6th grade curriculum emphasizes problem solving and the mastery of applications involving fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportions. The majority of our time is directed toward helping students make the transition from numerical proficiency to Algebraic thinking. This is accomplished by solving Algebra-type word problems without using Algebra, but rather applying problem solving strategies and logical reasoning. Below you will find an outline of our major areas of study (note: This is not a timeline.).


PROBLEM SOLVING language of Math, communication skills, basic strategies, calculator skills, organization, logic, inference, order of operations, measurement & conversions, estimation, and reasonableness

B. NUMBER SKILLS (Arithmetic) addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Whole #’s, Fractions, and

Decimals using pencil & paper, addition and subtraction of Integers, exponents, roots, order of operations, ratio, proportion, rate, percent, and number patterns

C. ALGEBRA language of Algebra, meaning and use of Algebraic variables and symbols, evaluate expressions, form and solve basic equations, apply and manipulate formulas, and the coordinate graphing system

D. STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY language of Probability and Statistics, experimental and theoretical probability, basic statistics with data analysis, interpret graphs and charts

E. GEOMETRY language of Geometry, facts, Theorems, basic proofs, coordinate system, transformations, perimeter, circumference, surface area, volume, regular and irregular shapes/objects, and measurement

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