English 7/8 LMGHS Ms. Sottile Othello Project Choose ONE of the

English 7/8
Ms. Sottile
Othello Project
Choose ONE of the following activities. Read the instructions very carefully. There are a couple of choices
that can be done with a team of two people. Choice #10, obviously requires however many people necessary to
perform the scene you choose. All work is to be typed using 12 font, Times New Roman.
You have been chosen to direct a stage production of Othello. However, instead of the play being set in
Venice/Cyprus in 1570, you must choose a different time period and place in which to stage it. Choose
the time period and setting and justify your choice based on the play. Cast the play with modern actors
and justify your casting. Provide an explanation of the costumes, props, etc. (2-3 pages typed)
2. Write original theme songs for three of the characters. Songs can be either instrumental or lyrics only or
both. Record the songs on a CD and if there are lyrics, provide a hard copy of them.
3. Write an original poem (1-1/2 pages) or short story (2-3 pages) based upon a character or event in the
4. Find or create a piece of art (photo, drawing, painting, sculpture, etc) that best represents a character
from the play. Any art you choose must NOT be from a production or film of Othello but rather one that
is symbolic of a character. Provide a written critique explaining/justifying your choice. Refer to specific
text. (1 ½ pages)
5. Plan a dinner party for all the characters in the play. You must provide invitations, a menu, decorations,
setting, music, parlor games along with an explanation of why/how these are appropriate for the play.
Your choices must be historically accurate and supported with MLA style research/works cited page.
(2-3 pages). **This may be done in a team of two people.
6. Find two different reviews of the production of Othello staged during the 1940s in which Paul Robeson,
Uta Hagen and Jose Ferrer appeared. Read them, summarize their differences of opinion. Watch any
film version of the play (Orson Welles, Royal Shakespeare, Kenneth Branaugh) and write your own
critical review of the film. (2-3 pages)
7. Find a copy of the short story by Geraldo Cinthio (1565) upon which Shakespeare based the play. Read
it. Compare and contrast the differences of the short story and the play in an essay complete with MLA
citations that refer to the short story and the play. (2-3 pages) Attach a copy of the short story.
8. Create a series of newspaper articles that cover the major events of each act of the play. (5) **You must
have an angle.
9. Memorize and perform any monologue or soliloquy from the play.
10. Direct or perform in scene from the play and present it to the class. You must provide a director’s log
that explains your interpretation, blocking, casting, rehearsal process and any difficulties you
encountered in doing the scene. (5-6 pages)**May be done with more than two people.
11. Design, draw or build the stage set for the play. Include a written explanation that refers to text
justifying your design and a prop list. (2 pages)
12. Design, draw or make costumes for Othello, Iago, Desdemona and Cassio. Provide a brief explanation
based upon text to justify your costume design. (one paragraph per character)
**Projects will be evaluated based on creativity, effort, scholarship, thoroughness and adherence to directions.
**You will be expected to adhere to rules of grammar, punctuation, etc. Any research should be indicated using
MLA style citations and a works cited page.