OTHELLO: ACT 5 Study/Discussion Questions

OTHELLO: ACT 5 Study/Discussion Questions
Scene 1
1. What is Othello's reaction when he thinks that Cassio has been wounded and is dying? [ In 36]
2. With what familiar imagery does the dying Roderigo condemn lago, his murderer? [In 62]
Scene 2
1. What images does Othello use to describe the sleeping Desdemona? [In 15]
2. What is Othello's reply when Desdemona suggests that he ask Cassio about the handkerchief?
3. What is Emilia's response to the death of Desdemona? What does she do? What happens to
4. What is lago's reaction to the bloody scene before them? How does Othello respond?
Scene 3
1. What part do the letters, presented by Lodovico, play in the resolution of this play?
2. How does Lodovico deal with Othello and lago? Do you think the punishment is fair?