Othello Essay Test

Othello Essay Test
Directions: Read the source for Shakespeare’s Othello. The source can be found on
my website as a link, or you can go to
~Think of 3 major differences (for example, a name change would not be a “major”
difference!) between the original source and Shakespeare’s drama. In a 5-paragraph
essay (typed or legibly written), compare the differences in these two works citing
specific quotes from Shakespeare’s Othello and providing specific details from the
translation of Giraldi Cinthio’s Gli Hecatommithi.
Your thesis (usually the last sentence of the introductory paragraph) should list, in
order of appearance, the three main differences you will be discussing.
*Attach this sheet for your rubric. If this sheet is not
attached, you automatically are docked 5 points!
Follows Directions
Organizes ideas/uses transitions
Clear and specific thesis (UNDERLINED)
Well-supported details that demonstrate a deep
understanding of the text and a grasp of thematic
concepts discussed
Well-chosen quotes (3 quotes from Othello)
Correct MLA quote format and headings
Demonstrates an understanding of both the play
and the source