Revision - MrA5en6

Higher English
These should all be options you can answer:
► Othello’s character development
► Othello’s fatal flaw or hamartia
► Theme of love and changing relationship between
Othello and Desdemona
► Theme of jealousy
► Key scene – act 3 scene 3
► Questions which combine some of these ideas
Black and Blue
► Character
of Rebus – flawed hero
► Theme – the ills of modern society
► Structure
► Setting
► Appropriateness of the title - theme
► Minor characters
► Questions which combine these ideas
Close Reading
You should know how to answer questions on:
► Sentence Structure
► Word Choice
► Punctuation
► Imagery
► Tone
► Language
► Linking
► In your own words
► Questions on both passages
Revision Exercises
over notes
►Use wikispace
►Go over types of question in Close Reading
►Using past papers
►Newspaper articles…
►Write short essay plans for specific
►Work on key quotes – following certain
structure on following slide
► Context
– Who? When? Why? (sentence)
► Introduce quote – short phrase (new
► Proper punctuation
► Quote
► Either new sentence (‘This’) or ‘which’ or ‘ing’ form of verb
► Analysis
► Evaluation – “the audience”, “we”
► (Link forward)