Chicken Leg Quarter

What’s for
• Follow along with this powerpoint as I go
over what we will do during the dissection
Chicken Leg Dissection
• Tomorrow you will be dissecting a raw
chicken leg from the Guilford Food Center
• You need to let me know TODAY if you
are unable to do this dissection (and I will
need to hear from your parents)
Safety Concerns!
• Wear gloves at ALL times
touch your pencil with your
contaminated hand or glove (you will use
it in your next class)
• Cut AWAY from your body
• Do not walk with shears (scissors)
• Keep hair up and sleeves rolled back
Clean Up
• Clean table when done
• Wash hands when done!
• Destroy the microbes!
1. Clear off your desks
2. Get a pair of gloves-make sure
they fit, you will only get one
3. Follow the Directions!!!!!!
4. What you will see and do:
Bones and Muscles!
• You will see the skeleton you have learned
• You will see muscles you have learned
about 
• Do muscles work in pairs?
• Yes!
Skeletal Muscles Work in Pairs
• Flexors
– Muscle that pulls on a joint to make it
– Contracts as the Extensor relaxes
• Extensors
– Muscle that pulls on a joint to make it
– Contracts as the Flexor Relaxes
Sketch the Chicken Leg
Chicken Leg Quarter
1. Remove Skin and
Connective Tissue
2. Observe Muscle, Cartilage
& Tendons
Skeletal Muscle Belly
• Muscles are in bundles called:
Muscle Belly
3. Remove Skin & Muscles
4. Remove Ligament at Joint
Follow your Directions
Please follow Your Directions
Answer questions when you are done
Clean up area when you are done
If you choose to only observe, you will
take notes for your group
Homework :
Conclusion Question Worksheet about
your observations
Pre-lab QuestionsAnswer on your paper
• What does it mean if a muscle is
• What does flexor muscle do?
• What does an extensor muscle do?
Prediction Questions
Watch the animation above and predict what bones you will be able to observe.
What joints will you be able to observe? What bones you will be able to observe?
What joints will you be able to observe?
Which connective tissues will you be able to observe?
Where will you find an extensor muscle?
Where will you find a flexor muscle?
Go to the interactive link above from kids health and answer the
1. What can you find inside of Periosteum?
2. What are the THREE things red bone marrow produces?
3. Draw a cross section (open side view) of an open bone
• Login: adamspop2 Password: brainpop
What is another name for voluntary muscles?
What do these muscles work to do?
What connects the muscles to bones?
How are your facial muscles different from most other skeletal
• What powers your muscles?
• What happens if your muscles do not have enough oxygen?