Webquest # 3 Muscles and Joints
What is the Henneman size principal?
What is a pennation angle?
What are the three classes of levers and give an example for each?
What is the difference between active and passive range of motion
What are the four functions of the muscle system
What makes muscles Antagonistic to each other?
What human disease occurs when all the muscles of the body contract
8. What is the “All or Nothing” principle of muscle contraction?
9. Give an example of a coupled action in the human body
10.Which type of muscle contraction stops movement of occurring?
11.What is the relationship between joint mobility and joint stability
12.Describe the relationship between gravity and joint actions
13.What is the primary function of a joint?
14.What is the relationship between mobility and stability of a joint?
15.What two synonyms for axial motion
16.What are three things that must be stated to fully name and describe a
joint action?
17.Within what plane does flexion occur in?
18.What is the name of the axis for medial and later rotation movements?
19.What is the definition of a structural joint?
20.What is the definition of a functional joint?
21.How do joints absorb shock?
22.Where are most weight-bearing joints if the body located?
23.When joints are classified by structure, what are their three major
24.Explain how a muscles contracts through the sliding filament theory
25. Explain the difference between a muscle strain and pull… or are they the
same thing? Explain….
26.What are the major muscles of the back & what are their primary
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