the muscular system

Lesson 1:
 Different types of muscle worksheet
 Learn the following muscles: biceps, triceps, deltoids,
pectorals, trapezius, abdominals, latissimus dorsi, gluteals,
quadriceps, hamstrings, gastrocnemius. Highlight on photocopy.
 EXT: also know the soleus, tibialis anteria and find out the
individual names for quads and hamstrings
 Stick the bones & muscles on partner game!
Lesson 2:
 Muscle touchy feely game.
 Origin and insertion photocopy
 Biomechanics of muscles OHP to copy as a table
 EXT: include the origin and insertions of extra muscles
named above.
In the final column of the table, write down the type of
movement allowed by each of the muscles (extention, flexion,
adduction, abduction, circumduction and rotation.)
Lesson 3.
 Muscles worksheet
 From page 74 of Bizley, make notes on the 2 types of muscle
contractions (isometic and isotonic)
 Pick a sport that you will be assessed in, pick 3 actions from
that sport (eg, throwing, catching, dodging.) say what muscles
are used, the type of movement and the type of muscle
contraction. (see past work for good example)
 EXT: also include the origin and insertions
Revise for a test for next lesson on all the work covered in
skeletal and muscular system
Lesson 4
 Test
 Muscle size and performance experiment