The Reconstruction Plans and Amendments

What were the effects of the Civil War?
What happened to the South after the
Civil War?
Questions following the Civil War
What to do with former slaves?
Should Southerners be punished?
What to do with the rebellious states?
What impact will this have on the economy of
the South? And National economy?
Back together!
• The North wanted to reunite
the Union
• The South wanted to secede
• The North won!
So now what?
• The South was destroyed physically
They needed to rebuild! But how?!
Lincoln’s vision was to rebuild the
nation rather than punish the south.
I just want a
quick and easy
end to the war!
Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan
• Ten percent of the population of each southern
state had to swear loyalty to the United States
• Except for high ranking officers, all confederate
soldiers would be pardoned
• He did not demand equality for African
• The state could set up a new government
▫ As long as the government set free all slaves
Congress thought Lincoln’s plan was
too generous, so they didn’t pass his
Radical Republicans Plan
▫ Wanted a harsh punishment for the south
• They passed the Wade Davis Bill
▫ Required over 50% of a state to swear loyalty to
the US
▫ Demanded equality for African Americans
Lincolns 10%
plan was not
approved by
Lincoln vetoed
Congress’ WadeDavis Bill
• Until new state governments could be created in
southern states, Congress put the south under military
Lincoln is Assassinated
Andrew Johnson (Lincoln’s Vice
President) becomes President
I don’t like any
of these plans!
I’m going to
make my own!
Johnson’s plan: Restoration
• Each state had to ratify the Thirteenth
▫ Abolishing slavery
• Confederate leaders had to write to Johnson and
ask him to be pardoned
• Did not require states to give equality to African
Congress and Reconstruction
• The Radical Republicans hated Johnson
• Despite his plan, they put their own force into
Passed the Civil Rights Act (1866)
• Passed the 14th Amendment
▫ Gave citizenship to African Americans
 No person (regardless of races) will be
deprived of life, liberty, or property without
due process of law