Newsletter Week of 1-12-15

Mrs. O’Connell’s Parent Newsletter
Week of 1-12-2015
Congratulations go out to Ray Camacho for being our classroom spelling bee winner and Colton
Miller for being the runner up. Good luck to Ray, he will be competing in our school spelling bee on
Monday morning at 8:45 A.M.
Important Dates:
January 12—School Spelling Bee
January 15—Sports Page day!
January 15—Mt. Mourne IB Program
7:00 Lake Norman High School Auditorium
January 16—Pretzel Day
January 19—Holiday
January 26 and 27th—Teacher Workdays
January 31—Father/Daughter Dance
This week in School:
Reading: We will be reading about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks during guided reading groups this
week. All of the 5th graders will be watching a video called My Friend Martin on Friday.
Skill: Textual Evidence
Writing: The students will choose a Civil Rights leader to research and write a summary for their probe.
The probe will be due on Friday, January 23, 2015.
I have a child friendly link on my webpage under Civil Rights Leaders.
Wordly Wise: lesson 7 test on Friday, January 16, 2015.
Math: We are learning about Geometry.
Science: We are studying body systems. This week we will be working on the muscular system.
Social Studies: This week’s new states and capitals are:
New Mexico- Santa Fe
New York- Albany
North Carolina- Raleigh
North Dakota- Bismark
The student’s did awesome on last week’s test on the states. We had a lot of 100%.
This Friday the test will be on state capitals we have learned so far. The students will have a choice
between a blank map or a state and capital matching worksheet.
Homework for week of 1-12-2015
Math: workbook pages 54, 55. (They will have a ½ page per a night.)
Spelling: Study for test on Friday.
Reading- read 20 minutes each night. The children have a TFK quiz to complete by Friday. The children
also have 20 minutes of classroom time daily to complete this assignment.
Wordly Wise- practice definitions.
Social Studies- study state capitals
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at
[email protected] 704-819-1698