A key geographic advantage of the river valley was its
(A) barriers against invasion
(B) sunny climate
(C) fertile land
(D) monsoon winds
The main political unit in Sumer was the
(A) city-state
(B) dynasty
(C) kingdom
(D) empire
In contrast to the rulers of Sumer, the rulers of Egypt were
considered to be
(A) priests
(B) god-kings
(C) military leaders
(D) polytheistic
One of the great achievements of the Indus Valley civilization
(A) its sophisticated plumbing and sewage system
(B) the invention of the chariot
(C) iron technology
(D) its number system
Egyptian, Sumerian, and Chinese writing systems all
developed from
(A) oracle bones
(B) hieroglyphics
(C) papyrus
(D) pictographs
Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. Cuneiform
b. sailboat
c. Tigris and Euphrates
d. Irrigation
e. city-states
1. In Sumer the flooding of these rivers was unpredictable
2. These were independent governments led by priests (and later
generals and kings)
3. This form of writing made of wedge shapes was pressed into soft
clay with a reed
4. Using small canals to bring water where crops need it is called…
5. This Sumerian invention allowed movement of goods to other city-
Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. Upper Egypt
b. Lower Egypt
d. Pharaoh
e. pyramid
c. Nile
6. The final resting place of pharaohs
7. This flooded predictably every July
8. Egyptian name for the god-king
9. Southern Egypt was called…
10. The northern part of Egypt that touches the Mediterranean
Sea is called…
Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. Theocracy
b. hieroglyphics
b. c. Egyptian 365 day calendar
c. d. Plumbing
e. grid system
11. Based on the phases of the moon and the position of the stars
12. When a government is ruled by a religion it is called…
13. All Indus cities were based on a…
14. The Indus civilization solved what problem with city sanitation
15. What was the ancient Egyptian writing system called
Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. Indus
b. strong central government
c. Huang He
d. Mandate of Heaven
e. China
16. This river flooded unpredictably in the Chinese civilization
17. Cities built the same suggests a …
18. The idea that a rulers demands must be obeyed because they
are the will of God
19. This civilization had natural barriers in all 4 cardinal directions
20. This river flooded unpredictably in the Indus River Valley
Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. Silk
b. individual
d. Future
e. blast furnace
c. peasants
21. Community and family were more important than the …
22. Wrote on animal bones and burned them to tell the…
23. Used these to make objects from cast iron
24. This cloth made from worm cocoons was invented by the
25. Sharp division between nobles and …
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