Context for Gospel of Mark Purpose & Theme

Context for Gospel of Mark
 Written by John Mark
 Son of Mary from Acts 12
 Cousin of Barnabas
 Mark went with Paul & Barnabas on 1st
missionary journey.
 Mark deserted them
 Paul eventually saw Mark as profitable
for ministry.
Context for Gospel of Mark
 Mark was Not an Apostle
 He was the companion of the Apostle
Mark wrote from the eyewitness account
of the Apostle Peter
 “Mark having become the interpreter of
Peter, wrote down accurately whatsoever he
remembered. It was not however, in exact
order that he related the sayings or deeds of
Christ. For he neither heard the Lord nor
accompanied him. But afterwards, followed
Peter…wherefore Mark made no mistake in
thus writing some things as he remembered
them. For of one thing he took especial
care, to omit none of the things he had
heard, and not to put anything untrue into
the statements.”
Context for Gospel of Mark
 Written to Gentile Roman Christians
 Explains why no genealogy in Mark
 Also contains least amount of OT
 Gospel most likely written sometime
around AD – 55-65.
Context for Gospel of Mark
Purpose & Theme:
 Mark presents Jesus as the Serving and
Suffering Savior.
 Mark focuses on the deeds and actions of
Jesus not his teaching.
 Mark emphasizes the humanity of Christ.
 The Synoptic Problem
3 Parts to Mark’s
Gospel Message
1) The Beginning of the Gospel
2) The Preparation to the Gospel
3) The Person of the Gospel