Code of Conduct/Standards of Christian Living

August 2013 • Genseo First UMC Student Ministries • August 2014
Code of Conduct/Standards of Christian Living
We believe that Christian young men and women should conduct themselves in a manner
that is worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that our attitudes, actions, words, and
thoughts are consistent with the Bible’s basic principles. We believe that our conduct
should bring glory to God and should increase our gospel witness to the community.
As a participant in this student ministry I agree to refrain from all forms of sexual impurity
and immorality, crude jokes, vulgarity, sexual innuendo, smoking, drinking, gossiping, and
other excesses that are not consistent with the Bible. Nor will I participate in any activity
that would be detrimental to our gospel witness to the community. In addition I will strive to
be submissive to my leaders as unto Christ. I will strive to conduct myself in a manner that
is consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ in thought, action, attitude, and conversation.
If I violate this code of conduct (as per the discretion of the youth pastor and the adult
leaders), I understand that I will be disciplined and may be dismissed from this activity. I
further understand that my parents will be responsible for transporting me home and for all
the costs involved.
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