Final Exam Topics

Final Exam Topics:
 Chapter One
o The Historical Jesus (20 Questions)
 Chapter Two
o The New Testament World of Jesus (15 Questions)
o Film: The Case For Christ (5 Questions)
 Chapter Three
o The Essential Jesus (20 Questions)
 Chapter Four
o The Gospel of Mark (20 Questions)
o The Last Supper (10 Questions)
o The Passion, Death, and Resurrection (15 Questions)
 Chapter Five
o The Gospel of Matthew (15 Questions)
 Chapter Six & Eight
o The Gospel of Luke (15 Questions)
o Acts of the Apostles (15 Questions)
o The Life of Paul (10 Questions)
Total Questions (160)
People per group (4)
Questions per person (40)
1) Divide up the above topics such that each person in the group is responsible for 40
2) Create 40 questions covering all related material for a given topic
a) Don’t simply start at the begging of a chapter/topic and stop once you have the
proper number of questions, make sure you have questions for each subsection of
you chapter/topic
b) Do not simply “copy & past” review, quiz, or test questions
c) Must be in complete sentences
d) Separate and label your questions by topic
e) Continue your numbering from one topic to the next
3) Create 40 correct answers (only the answers, not multiple choices) for each of your 40
a) Answers do not need to be in complete sentences
b) Put the answer directly after the question
4) Your individual section (40 questions and answers) is due on on
Monday, May 19