Performance Appraisal – Manager

Performance Appraisal – Manager
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Instructions: Use this form in evaluating positions identified in Administrative Procedure 10.14 Performance
Evaluations: associate director, department head, chief, assistant chief regional fire coordinator, regional forester and
Evaluate past performance using the rating factors and associated performance traits. Check the criteria that best indicates
your judgment of the employee’s performance in each area. Provide specific comments in narrative sections below or
attach additional pages.
Rating Factors
Does Not Meet
(generally fails to
fulfill expectations)
performance; partially
fulfills expectations)
Recognizes and responds appropriately to change; establishes/maintains effective relationships; builds diverse and effective teams.
Works cooperatively across department/division lines and effectively partners with key leaders and organizations internally and
externally. Inspires others to achieve goals. Leads by example in appearance, attitude, character and work ethic. Demonstrates vision
and promotes a culture of service.
Personnel Management
Conveys clear expectations for assignments; monitors progress of employees and redirects efforts when goals change or are not met;
responds to internal and external customer requests in a timely manner; invests time to manage and facilitate the work of others.
Provides clear expectations and timely feedback for performance. Encourages and rewards performance at high levels. Ensures
employees have current appraisals and professional development plans.
Competency and Outcomes
Displays energy and enthusiasm for agency/system mission, objectives and strategic goals. Seeks responsibility, manages time
effectively, and focuses on appropriate priorities. Continues to build knowledge and achieve professional recognition. Makes timely
and effective decisions and delegates appropriately. Encourages innovation, identifies problems and opportunities. Attains
established programmatic goals; recognizes and improves outdated programs that no longer contribute to organizational priorities.
Ensures effective planning and implementation of programs to produce measurable outcomes.
Fiscal/Physical Resource Mgmt.
Manages assigned fiscal/physical resources appropriately. Maintains appropriate budget controls, operates within budget, and makes
appropriate budgetary recommendations. Plans and allocates assigned resources efficiently and effectively to accomplish goals.
Seeks alternate solutions for more effective resource utilization.
Overall Performance Rating
Issued 11/27/13
Significant accomplishments during appraisal period:
Areas of particular strength or excellence:
Focus areas, areas needing improvement, goals and professional development for next appraisal period:
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Issued 11/27/13