Instructor: Dr. Walid Kazziha. Pol. Sci. 422 Spring 2013

Instructor: Dr. Walid Kazziha.
Pol. Sci. 422
Spring 2013
Contemporary Egyptian Politics
Topic: the seminar seeks to study the events and developments as well as
the aftermath of the political and social upheavals which engulfed Egypt at
three significant junctures in its modern history. It will attempt to deal
on a comparative basis with some of the critical questions that such a
study involves. Some effort will be made to examine the political and
social causes, the level of violence, the political contributions of
specific social movements and categories, the means of struggle which were
adopted, and the measure of success which had been realized during and
after the eruption of the 1919 uprising, the 1952 coup, and January 2011
Requirements of the course:
Students will be required to perform 4 major tasks in this seminar.
1. Attendance, participation and contribution to classroom discussions
2. Exam # 1. 25%.
Mon. March 4.
3. Exam # 2. 25%.
Mon. April 8.
4. Research paper 30% Due on Mon. May 13.
Exams: Important Note:
Exams 1 & 2 will be based on the reading assignments and discussions in
class. Students are urged to complete the reading assignments on time for
the weekly discussions. Otherwise they will find themselves in a position
which does not allow them to make significant contributions to classroom
discusions as well as having difficulty in studying the material for the
exam which has accumulated over a number of weeks before the exam. They
will lose credit on both counts, the exam and class participation.
Reasrch Project:
Students will be divided into three major groups each addressing one of the
three upheavals which are included in our study. Each student will take one
aspect of the topic entrusted to his/her group and research that aspect in
preparation for a class presentation and a final paper. Members of the
study group should coordinate the work among themselves, and each group
will be required to make a presentation to the whole class. Presentations
will not be read, but will be delivered with power points, and eye contact
should be maintained with the audience.
Each student should prepare an outline and bibliography and consult the
instructor and get his approval before starting his/her research project.
Each student will submit a term paper on the last day of classes; soft and
hard copies are to be handed in person to the instructor.
Term Paper:Important Note:
A term paper should have a thesis, an argument , a point of view which the