Syllabus Quiz

Syllabus Quiz
 Print this page, fill in the answers and submit when due.
 Ensure that I can read your writing or you will not receive credit for the answer.
1. The final project counts _____% of the final grade.
2. Can assignments be turned in late?
3. What is the instructor's email address?
4. What will happen if you fail to follow the attendance policy?
5. Where are the instructor's office hours on Friday?
6. Assignments completed in satisfactory fashion will receive _____ points.
7. What counts as half of an absence?
8. Which assignment is due during week 10?
9. What is the instructor's phone number?
10. What kinds of absences are excused?
11. How many assignments are there?
12. When is the Access test?
13. What happens on the first offense of academic dishonesty?
14. Which General Education requirement is satisfied by the course?
15. What is the highest score allowed on a makeup quiz?
16. What happens to a disruptive student?
17. When and where are the instructor's office hours on Monday?
18. How will class cancellations due to inclement weather be announced?
19. What is your final grade if everything averages out to 82.5%?
20. Calculate the final grade based on the following (show your work):
80% average on all tests
70% average on all quizzes
90 on the final project
All assignments were completed in satisfactory fashion