9th grade disclosure 2015-2016

9th grade Earth Science
Mr. Locke (Room 102)
[email protected]
Course Mission: This course focuses on Earth Science, from the beginnings of the universe and
the earth to the basics of how the earth works.
Materials: Students need to be prepared everyday with the appropriate materials for class, such
as pencil or pen, paper, books, textbook and notebook or binder etc… They will need to have a
calculator at different times as well, phones can be used as calculators.
Grading scale: 100 – 94 A
89 – 87 B+
93 – 90 A- 86 – 84 B
83 – 80 B-
79 – 77 C+ 69 – 67 D+
59 - 0 F
76 – 74 C 66 – 64 D
73 – 70 C- 63 – 60 D-
Grades: Will be determined on points from class work and participation points. Students who
wish to stay on task during the assignments until they are completed or the bell rings will
receive participation points at various times in the year. Participation points cannot be
Types of assignments: notes, worksheets, laboratory, quizzes, tests, and including participation
during class when needed. During lab work any disruptive behavior or horse play will result in a
zero on the lab. All labs missed will have to be made up before or after school or by hand
writing a four page paper on the subject.
Class rules: follow school rules and no touching any science equipment unless asking or being
told for a lab.
Tardy policy: I will follow school district policy regarding the number of times a student is late
to class and their citizenship. Bell or tardy quizzes cannot be made up if tardy for a quiz. I
drop one tardy per quarter per student.
Absence policy: Excused absences will receive extra time to make the work up that was missed.
Usually I will give one day per day missed. If there are excessive absences per quarter then
credit may be lost because there will be too much to be made up. This does not apply to
extenuating circumstances where sever injury or sickness is involved and doctors notification is
required. I reserve the right to assign make-work based on what I expect of the student and
their abilities to accomplish.
Late work: No late work will be accepted after one week of the due date unless there are
extenuating circumstances. All late work will be penalized 30% percent.
Behavior/ Citizenship: I expect good positive behavior anything else will result in loss of
citizenship or being sent to the office. Loss of points may also occur for the same reasons. The
using of words which are profane or vulgar in nature will not be tolerated. All other offensive
behavior as outlined in the student handbook and district policy will be in place in my
*** Good behavior can still earn a student an honors (H) in citizenship even if there grade is
Please see me after school for questions, concerns, problems with class work, and I will be glad
to help.
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