Vista del Lago High School Economics Course Expectation Mr. Keeton

Vista del Lago High School
Economics Course Expectation
Mr. Keeton
We, as young inspired economists, will take an in depth look at the United States economy from
its early beginnings to the present. Education is a very important stepping stone to build the skills you will
need to be successful both today and tomorrow. In this course, you will learn teamwork, note taking and
study skills, essay/report writing, debate skills, oral presentation skills, and higher level thinking strategies
that will help you prepare for your future.
TOPICS: Topics of Study:
Intro to Economics
How Theory Works for You
Microeconomics: Markets, Prices, and Business Competition
Macroeconomics: Managing the Nation’s Economy
Global Economics
Your grades will be based on a total point system. Students will be graded in the following
categories: Participation (which will include attendance, teamwork, and attitude), Notebooks (which will
be collected per quarter), note taking, Quizzes, Tests, Presentations, Current Event Articles (CEA), or any
worksheets that may be given out. All homework turned into me should have your name, date, period, my
name, and the assignment name. Make sure you check edline, and our board.
Your grade will be determined by the total amount of points within this grading scale:
90%-100%= A
80%-89% = B
70%-79% = C
60%-69% = D
59%-below= F
If you want to be successful, then you need to come to class. A lot of your material for tests will
come from discussion, presentations, and readings, which will be difficult to make up. If you have to miss a
class, it is your responsibility to ask your partner first, then come to me. You will earn participation points
on a daily basis, and you will lose them as well for improper behavior (conduct, tardiness, or class rule
All Vista students are expected to adhere to the rules of responsible scholarship, requiring student
grades to be earned honestly through hard work and good study habits. Students who violate Vista’s
Academic Honesty Agreement will be suspended or assigned Saturday School and required to complete an
assigned project on the consequences of academic and workplace dishonesty. The student will receive a
lowered citizenship grade in that class which may impact the student’s ability to participate in
extracurricular activities, including athletics and school events. All teachers will be notified and a notation
will be made in the student’s record. In addition, the student will be expected to complete and resubmit the
assignment or test, which will be considered late and subject to Vista’s late work policy. Regardless of
grade level, any student who continues to violate Vista’s Academic Honesty Agreement may lose the
opportunity to participate in all future non-academic activities, including clubs, athletics and all senior
events including the graduation ceremony during his/her senior year.
Citizenship grades are required for semester grades using the following format: O= Outstanding
S= Satisfactory N= Needs Improvement U= Unsatisfactory. Citizenship grades will be based on you
following the school and class rules, and doing your work.
Do not be tardy (including dress code viloations), and be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
Respect your teacher, your classmates, and most of all, yourself.
Do not get out of your seat or talk without raising your hand.
No food, drinks, hats, or electronic devices. (-50 off participation for cell phone)
Two bathroom passes per term, so use your breaks wisely.
Always be prepared for class with the correct materials.
The bell does not dismiss you, Mr. Keeton does.
There are no tardies allowed, and you will lose ten points additionally for every one. If you get
more than four tardies, your participation points are gone. The only way to make these up is by serving an
after school detention within three days (Max 3). If you are tardy on the due date of an assignment or
test, you will forfeit your right to receive that grade unless it is made up, and turned back in within
the time allotted.
It is your responsibility to see me concerning missed tests or potential missed assignments. Missed
quizzes or assignments are made up, or coordinated, the day of your return, without exception. It is your
responsibility to make up the quizzes after school, or during advisory period. I do not accept late work
unless you’re using a pass. Projects are due at the beginning of class without exception and any project
received late will get a zero, and passes will not be accepted.
Grades will be updated once a week, and should be on their assignment sheet. Students are
expected to log on and know their grades in this class at all times.
Every student will be issued a textbook, and they will be charged if the book is damaged or lost.
Please take care of them! Students will need a 1 ½ three ring binder.
Edline is a wonderful tool so you always know your child’s grade. If there is a discipline issue in
class you will know about it, because they will write you a little note which has to be signed and returned to
me. If there is ever anything I can do, please let me know. I can be reached at, or 916294-2410 x-410366
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