Act IV, pages 121-145

The Crucible, Miller
Act IV, pages 121-145
1. What is happening at the start of Act IV? What is the significance of the scene between Herrick
and the accused witches? Why does Reverend Hale tell the accused witches to confess? What does
the news from Andover have to do with what is happening in Salem?
2. What does Parris say about Abigail? Where is she? What did she do? Why does Parris suggest
that the hangings should be postponed?
3. Why does Danforth want Proctor to see Elizabeth? What does he hope it will cause him to do?
4. How do the people feel in Salem? Why do they feel this way?
5. Why doesn’t Elizabeth beg John to confess? Why does Proctor initially say that he will confess?
How does Goody Nurse’s entrance affect him? Why does he refuse to sign the confession/have it
hung up on the church door? Why does Miller end the play with Proctor’s refusal to sign the
confession and Elizabeth’s refusal to beg him to do so?
6. Why is the play called The Crucible?