(Section III): The Rise of Civilizations

Section III: The Rise of Civilizations
(Pages 16-19)
This section is about:
The characteristics of
How people expanded
their knowledge
through the early river
valley civilizations.
At first, humans were
nomads – who moved
from place to place.
Then, they began to
settle together in
If you have a choice
today – and you will in a
few short years
(college/move out) where do you want to
settle? And, why there?
Next, they began to form
civilizations – which is…
An organized social group with
developed purposes and goals
Your book says civilizations need 4 things:
1. Cities and Government
Cities allowed people to work
together, develop skills, trade
with others, spread
But having cities also meant
there needed to be laws to
maintain order, armies to
protect the group, ways to
support people doing special
jobs to help out the group
So… governments were there
to promote and regulate trade,
as well as protect the people.
What are governments
supposed to be doing today?
2. Job specialization and
advanced technology
People started specializing
in one job, and becoming
experts at it.
They could focus on
making their own tools
and methods better –
making people better
hunters, farmers and
3. Social classes and religion
People began being
put into social classes
– based on their value.
Rulers and Priests
(often the same
people or worked
Farmers, merchants,
and artisans
(Most of these groups
believed in Gods who
controlled their lives)
4. Writing and record keeping
Needed a way to keep track
of buying and selling, laws,
taxes, etc…
(Their record keeping does not
have to be like we know it)
Where did some of these early
civilizations first develop?
The Fertile Crescent
The Nile Valley
The Indus Valley
Huang He Valley
What do these all
seem to have in
Do you think you
need this to start an
ancient civilization?
The Fertile Crescent
Middle East today
Land around the Tigris and
Euphrates Rivers
Began about 6000 BC
Farmers, travelers, and
3500 BC – the first cities
By 3200 BC: the first
city-states (a city and its
surrounding area)
3300: the first primitive
Before this time: used
cuneiform (wedged shaped
The Nile Valley
Still Egypt today
One of the greatest early
Began about 3000 BC
It’s periods in history are
called dynasties (when a
family rules for a long
You already know a lot
about Egypt
The Indus Valley
India / Pakistan
Seaports, trading
centers, and
farming areas.
Traded among
themselves and
other cultures
Huang He Valley
China today
As early as 6000 BC
Were farmers
(agriculture) and artisans
Found mixing copper and
tin would make bronze
(stronger) so they ended
up with better tools
Ruled by a king with a
large army