Integrated Curriculum Example

Integrated Curriculum Example
The example below illustrates how integrated curriculum requires accessing
knowledge from all of the traditional subjects without labeling it as such. In
addition, an integrated curriculum adds problem-solving, real-world application
and social consciousness to the learning process, making it a more
comprehensive way of educating and of learning.
The Civil War Integrated Unit
At PUCS, an integrated unit begins with a thematic statement.
In the beginning God created man and woman to live in harmony with
others. Throughout history, we have seen cultures and civilizations grow;
however we still see the effects of sin on civilizations and country as they
grow. During the time of the Civil War we see a nation torn. Two groups of
people wanted different things and as a result an unforgettable war broke
out in the nation. So many lives were lost and there was so much turmoil
throughout the country, people would never be the same.
In the Civil War unit, students learn about:
 the events leading up to the war
 what the issues and causes were
 what it was like to live during that time
 where and when events were happening
 how these events affected people
Through discussions, students reflect on many issues involved in the Civil War,
hopefully coming away from it a changed person. We can learn from the past.
We can empathize with those who lost family members and friends and we can
also commemorate those who fought so courageously for the sake of our