Case Study

Managing Stakeholders and Governmental Relations
Ing. Matej Stuška and Ing. Michal Pintér
Governmental and EU Affairs Office
U.S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.
0917 731 205
Case Study:
Prices of electricity in Slovakia
Important Milestones:
1. 2012 EU Commission strategy for the re-industrialization of Europe
2. June 2013: EC Announces the Action Plan for European Steel Industry
3. December 2013:The steel industry in the EU: Composition and drivers of energy prices
and costs (CEPS study on real data)
4. March 2014: GOS announces Action Plan for Slovak Steel Industry
5. September 30, 2014: Deadline for Economy Ministry in SR to propose solutions to
high energy prices…
Assignment for next week:
 Draft a position letter to the Economy Minister on the high energy prices in SR
and urge him to tackle the problem
• Extend – 1 page, max. 2
• Suggested structure:
1. Intro – why you are writing it
2. Explain problem
3. Provide supporting arguments (brief, compare electricity prices for
INDUSTRIAL consumers, Eurostat, CEPS)
4. Formulate a request / suggest solution
5. Formal ending
Inspiration: V4 Steelmakers CEO Position for EU Council October 2014
Recommended reading for those interested:
Organizing the government-affairs function for impact
November 2013 | byReinier Musters, Ellora-Julie Parekh, and Surya Ramkumar, Article|McKinsey Quarterly