China decline

The Decline of China on the
International Stage
Jordan Granier
Pol 324
8 April 2014
China’s Economy
 GDP (Purchasing Power Parity)$13.37 trillion USD
 9.5% annual economic growth rate
 Manufacturing & exporting
On the Move
 Rapid ascent to the stage of a “World Power”
 US/Western concerns about its growth
World Affairs
 Global hegemony
 International Political
Economy issues
 Why can’t China truly
dominate the world?
 Industry & Construction – 46.8% of total GDP
-Ranks 3rd in industrial output
 China produced the most steel for the past two years
-45% of world’s steel
 6 out of the 10 largest steel companies operate in China
Possible Consequences
 Total debt = $23 trillion
 Interest payments 1 trillion dollars per year
 Financial lending groups warn that there could be a large
default on loan repayment
 Failed banking system = higher interest rates & much lower credit