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Conformity Worksheet

Questions about conformity
1.) What tools do groups use to induce
2.) What characteristics should a group
have that will make people more likely
to conform to them?
3.) What traits of people will make them
more likely to conform to a group?
Answer from the book (make your
answers concise)
The tools used by groups to induce
conformity are: group size, unanimity,
cohesion, status, public response, and
prior commitment.
The group must have personality,
culture, and social roles.
If a person
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Scene/s in the film these were seen
Joanna conformed to the company’s
decision to let her go because she was
talking to her superior, and the decision
was made unanimously. At the first part
of the movie, Joanna was seen wearing
all black and unpresentable clothes, but
she eventually conformed to being one
of the domestic wives when her
husband threatened to walk away from
their marriage.