Third Grade

Back to School Night!
A Little About Me:
 This is my second year at Ivy Academia teaching Third
 Prior to Ivy, I taught 4th grade and 2nd grade at LAUSD,
and intervention to 9-12th grade in Oxnard, CA
 I went to school here at California State University,
Northridge for both my BA in liberal Studies and my
teaching credential.
Back To School Agenda #1:
 Scheduled Parent / Teacher Conferences are in
 Please let me know if there is any other time that you
would like to have a conference throughout the year.
Just e-mail me and we can arrange it :
Office hours:
 M-Th ( 7:45-8:00 A.M. and 2:45 P.M.-3:00 P.M)
Back To School Agenda #2:
Pick Up and Drop off
 School starts at 8:15 A.M. Please be in line ready to
 If late, please have son/daughter go directly to the
office for tardy slip
 Please pick up your son or daughter from the
classroom at 2:45 P.M.
 At 3:00 P.M. We meet at the stairs for any students
that are not picked up on time
Back To School Agenda #3:
 Check your e-mails please.
 I like to communicate via e-mail, please inform me soon if
this is not a good way to send out classroom news and
 Whenever there is a project or assistance needed, I will
send out an email. Just respond to the email and I will sign
you up.
 Volunteer Hours: 25 hours for one child & 40 hours for
more than one child
 I love classroom helpers, if you wish to be a room
mom/dad, please sign for a specific date and time that
works best for you.
Back To School Agenda #4:
Birthdays: (no food containing nuts)
 Please, no birthday invitations delivered to school
unless there is one invitation for every child in the
class. Otherwise, feel free to use the class roster to
mail invitations to specific families. Thank you for
your understanding.
 If you wish to have a party, please email me in advance.
We only celebrate at the end of the day starting at 2:30
of the date we organize together.
Back To School Agenda #5:
Ivy Community:
 Ivy Community = student run businesses, where the
children learn about product development, business
operations, people skills, etc. .
 Ivy Community will take place on Friday afternoons,
when we are in our Friday Formal Attire.
 Ivy Community has already begun and shopping will
start in November.
Back To School Agenda #6:
 Emergency Kits
 Emergency Cards
 Shared Support Agreement
 Please bring them in ASAP.
 Check the Ivy Website because they are all electronic
 Please fill out my personal info cards as well
 Thank you to those who have turned them in already.
Back To School Agenda #7:
 This year I will be using a positive behavior support plan.
The class will always have a character trait which we are
focusing on mastering. These traits will change and be
chosen according to classroom need. Students who are
displaying positive behavior will earn compliments and
 We have a behavior chart, students that are showing
professionalism in the classroom move up the chart to
Prefect, and students that are showing unwanted behavior
move down the chart. Students that go down to “Howler”
will have a red card home where the student fills out the
card and parent signs. Please talk to your student regarding
the unwanted behavior in the classroom.
Back To School Agenda #8:
Four Things  :
For every lesson there will be four things discussed:
1) Entrepreneurial Standards:
(How does this lesson relate to being an entrepreneur?)
2) Essential Questions:
(What do we need to learn from this lesson?)
3) California State Standards:
(What do we need to know in 3rd grade?)
4) Depth and Complexity:
(How can we think in a more deep and complex way?)
Back To School Agenda #9:
Third Grade Curriculum:
Language Arts
Our curriculum is from CKLA, incbedded is Social Studies and Science
We will be reading of fiction and non-fiction literature
Implement strategies to improve comprehension and fluency.
Students study classic novels including poetry and several non-fiction
Distinguish the structural features of a text, and connect those to
literary elements.
Write clear coherent sentences and paragraphs that develop a central
idea. Their writing shows they consider the audience and purpose.
They also write compositions that describe and explain familiar objects,
events, and experiences.
Student demonstrate complex and critical thinking skills buy applying
depth and complexity icons.
Inquiry based program that provides hands on investigation as well as problem
solving skills.
Physical Science:
 Electricity and magnetism are related effects that have many useful applications
in everyday life
Life Science
 All organisms need energy and matter to live and grow
Earth Science
 The phases of the moon
Investigation and Experimentation
 Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting
careful investigations
 Third graders are expected to know the basic facts of
addition, subtraction.
 Multiplication, division and multi-digit multiplication and
division problems will be introduced as a bridge to fourth
 Students will work beyond the thousands with place
value, complete functions with decimals, and will grow
comfortable with fraction problems.
 Solving complex math problems is an important academic
focus and will continue to utilize depth and complexity
icons as a guide.
 They will study Geometry and Measurement and collect,
represent, and analyze data to answer questions.
Social Studies
Students explore the rich communities and relate
them to their own environment.
They will demonstrate an understanding of
government structure.
Students learn how diverse people and cultures
continue to influence our state
Students will refer to multiple perspective icon to
discuss different views in the community.
Back To School Agenda #10:
Homework :
 Is online via or
 Students are to check my web page for the work
 20 minutes reading via reading log
 Spelling words (Know the spelling)
 Vocabulary (be familiar enough to do know how to use the
word in a sentence)
 Multiplication facts: the first weeks of school will be the
facts 2-12. Please work with your son/daughter to help
memorize them.
Back To School Agenda #11:
Number Grades:
Excelling at
the Standard
Meeting the
toward the
Not Meeting
the Standard
Back To School Agenda #12:
Field Trips:
We are planning on going on four trips. These are still
uncertain as we make plans/arrangements with the
 The Chumash Museum
 LA Opera
 The Arboretum
 Santa Monica-Heal the Bay
Back To School Agenda #13:
Comments / Thoughts / Questions:
Thank You for Coming!