Presentation1 - internationalspeech

In this article Making it by Faking: Working
Class Students in an Elite Academic
Environment, he indicates that how working
class law students experience the
inequalities among upper class law students
which influence the class of law students.
He collected the data from the Ivy League
Law school in the East by observation and
did some interviews among the students.
By his researching he found that the
working class law students learn how to
hide their backgrounds in order to
manage their identity. However in their
efforts to conceal their backgrounds,
they felt ambivalence with their identity
in term of some past experiences
they’ve been through.
1. what do you think
most Chinese
families prefer boys
than girls?
Do you agree that
“there are some
individual factors
influence the social
If you are a lawyer
which comes from a
working class family,
do you want to do
public interest law or
you just want to treat
your job as a
business like just for
make money?