The Giver Question: Chapters 1-6

The Giver
Question: Chapters 1-6
1. As the novel opens, we meet Jonas.
 What is he anticipating and why?
 Why do you think this part of the story takes place in December? Why is this significant?
2. The author creates an alternate reality by using language in a very particular fashion. Jonas'
community puts quite a bit of importance upon "precision of language" but this language
actually distorts meaning. In your opinion, what does the community mean by words such as:
 feelings
 animals
 nurturer
 stirrings
 replacement child
 elsewhere
 family unit
3. In this story, why is being different "uncomfortable"?
4. What is "sameness"?
 Find five specific examples that contradict the concept of "sameness".
5. Think about being created as individuals in the image and likeness of God. Are any human
beings ever truly equal? How? Explain.
6. Who is "the speaker"? Who makes this community's laws? Who enforces them?
 As far as you can tell, do these citizens have genuine free will?
 How does this kind of obedience compare to our faith and belief in the unseen God?