Useful Points for Writing

Useful Points for Writing
These are some things that are easy to get confused about what is the
correct form to use. There are others but these are quite common even
for native speakers so I am including them.
Some other points to keep in mind when
• Jargon confuses your reader; it doesn't make you sound smart or
impress the reader. Lab on a Chip may sound good but many
readers have no clue what this connotates. Qualify the statement
if you feel compelled to use it by stating that silicon traced line on
a gallium surface are often referred to as “labs on a chip ……..”
• Starting sentences using "This." The antecedent "this" needs a
noun. This what? You know what this is but you are not reading
the paper
• Starting sentences using "It." The pronoun "it" is not particularly
descriptive. Use specific nouns as much as possible.
• Words like "very" and "really" do not add significance. Simply say,
for example, "This findings was significant because . . .