Units 1-6 Review Assignment

Units 1-6 Review Assignment
Unit 1:
1. What is the difference between Hardware and Software?
2. What is the difference between input and output? Some examples?
3. Define Storage:
4. Any hardware device connected to the computer that expands the computer’s input,
output, and storage capabilities.
5. Define Processing:
6. List 2 of the most common operating systems.
7. The operating system is the
. Your computer cannot function without it.
8. Define GUI:
9. What is application software? List 2 examples.
10. What are Biometric Devices?
Unit 2:
1. What is a desktop?
2. What is a laptop?
3. Define Server. Where are servers used today?
4. Define supercomputer. What are 3 of its uses today?
5. What is an embedded computer?
6. What is a mainframe? How is it used?
7. What type of computer is integrated into watches, wristbands, belts, glasses, or even
8. Define mobile device:
9. Temporary computer memory:
10. Permanent computer memory:
Unit 3:
1. List the units in order by size; smallest to largest:
Megabyte, Byte, Petabyte, Gigabyte, Kilobyte, Terabyte, Exabyte, Bit
2. The area in the computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed:
3. The place data is held when it is not needed for processing:
4. List the 3 kinds of storage:
5. The use of low-powered lasers to burn and read data from CDs and DVDs.
6. The use of a chip to electronically save, erase, or reprogram data.
7. A means of recording data onto disks or tape by magnetizing particles.
8. The language computers use.
9. 8 bits is equal to what?
10. One billion bytes is called what?
Unit 4:
1. The speed of the processor:
= Raw Facts
=Processed Information
4. The circuit board located in the computer’s system unit is called?
5. The
is the brain of the computer.
6. Small computer chip that contains millions of transistors and other electronic
components that control the flow of the electrical current on the motherboard.
7. What is the # 1 reason for data loss?
8. A low to middle-end computer processor used for basic applications.
9. Volatile or temporary memory is called?
10. What are the paths that data follow in the computer?
Unit 5:
is a device that serves as an entrance to another network.
2. A unique identifying number assigned to each computer.
is a mechanism for wirelessly connecting electronic devices.
is a personal computer connected to a network.
5. Define Router.
6. Define Network.
7. What is a WAN and what does it stand for?
8. What is a LAN and what does it stand for?
9. Refers to any computer that provides services to network users:
10. What is a file server?
Unit 6:
1. What is war driving?
2. Define Shareware:
3. Define Freeware:
4. What forms a barrier between 2 networks?
5. What is hacking?
6. Define Dictionary Attack.
7. What is phishing?
8. Define Virus:
9. Define Malware:
10. What is a Trojan Horse?