Feature Article Checklist

My Name: _______________________________
Date: ______________________
Title of My Article: _______________________
Fifth Grade Feature Article ~ Checklist for Students
Not really/
Not sure
I chose a topic I was passionate about. (I know it, I love
it, I want to learn more about it.)
I read many feature articles to understand their
I researched to find more information.
I have a hook/headline or lead that draws the reader in.
I include facts in my article.
My feature article has an angle that shows my opinion.
I included some special features such as captions,
images, headings or quotes.
My feature article includes a story.
The reader can hear my “voice” through my article.
My writing is appropriate for my audience.
My sentences have varied structures.
My sentences are complete.
I used specific and interesting words.
My article is organized logically.
I used paragraphs to organize my article.
My grammar is correct.
I used punctuation and capital letters correctly.
Qualities of Good Writing
Qualities of Feature Articles
 I edited for spelling.
 I read my article out loud to myself to edit for clarity.
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