Short Answer Essay ppt

Short Essay Tests
What do I include?
• Write in complete sentences.
• Answer the question thoroughly.
• Provide us with information that shows you know the
subject matter.
Answering these types of questions:
5 points
• Easier content - Understanding
• May be answered in 3 sentences.
10 points
• Evaluative Level
• Provide evidence from the text , historical or personal accounts.
15 points
• Analyze ( breakdown how/purpose it is written) or Evaluative ( Explain how the
literary devices are used) Levels
• Provide valid evidence, scenarios or facts within your answer.
• Must be 5 to 7 sentences in length.
Example: Why did the author’s tone
appear to be one of dispare? ( 5 points)
▪ The mystery surrounding Nelles Air
Force Base set a precedence across
the entire area to the immediate
East of Death Valley. Within the
direct geographical area in which
the author was living, there had
been an ominous aura for centuries
which cast a desperate feeling on
it’s current residents. These factors
contributed to the author’s
underlying tone of her own
uncertainty and her distrust of
human morality.
Pink = reason that
contributed to her
Yellow = historical
connection, further
supports the pink
Aqua = pulls it all
10 or 15 points: How did the author’s word choices
impact the reader’s perception of her situation?
Step #1 = Determine how you believe the word choices did this.
Step #2 = Find the evidence that shows this.
Step #3 Begin with a complete sentence.
The author’s word choices impacted the reader’s perception of her
situation by… ( Your belief.)
Explain how the evidence within the text shows this or guides the
reader’s thoughts.
Minimum 5 sentences. Also known as A (answer)P (prove)E (expand).
▪ With your shoulder partner, answer the following
question using “On Morality”.
▪ How did Didion use the particulars to demonstrate
the ideas of morality?