Homophones, Short paragraphs and TiP ToP

Key Words
• Set yourself a target for the lesson.
• This should be a target different to the
learning objectives but something you can
show you have done this lesson.
• Eg. Write paragraphs, use capitals in the
right place, use quotation marks correctly…
Task 1
• On whiteboards tell me what each part of TiP
ToP stand for:
Ti P
To P
The TiP ToP song!!!
Ti.. for time change; use this when
You want to move from now to then.
P.. for place change; this is found
Every time you move around.
To.. for topic; this is due
When you mention something new.
P.. for person; this would fit
When someone else comes into it.
Task 2
• Consider;
–“Why might we use short
Task 2 (cont.)
To slow the reader down;
To create a shock;
To make something stand out;
To change the flow of the writing;
To repeat something;
To remind the reader of something;
To create an impact
Task 3
You will now continue to plan your first piece of coursework
You will need to:
Create a mind-map of possible inanimate objects that you could write about,
Then create a plan/mind map/ bullet points about how your story will develop,
Then begin to write your draft, make sure that you have a beginning,
middle and end to your story.
(Short sentences can make the reader stop and think,
emphasise important parts of the story and break up the rhythm
While longer sentences can show a thought process,
describe an event or object or provide a more regular reading pattern)
Task 4
• Swap your work with a friend
• Each person should comment on one good thing
and a one thing they could do to improve
• When making your comments you might like to
use one of the following statements or create
your own:
Remember to check your spelling using a dictionary.
Make sure you use capital letters and full stops.
Try to use a variety of punctuation.
Try to make your writing more descriptive.
Vary your sentence length.
Think about your paragraph structure.
Task 4 (cont.)
• Think about the challenge you set yourself at
the beginning of the lesson.
• Did you meet your own target? How?