AP Literature Weekly Syllabus August 26

AP Literature Weekly Syllabus
August 26-29, 2013
Recognize and assess the different literary genres.
Analyze different genres of literature, particularly short stories, novels, drama, and poetry.
Read literary texts closely.
Apply literary terminology to fiction, drama, and poetry.
Hand out vocabulary for the week.
SOCRATIC Seminar on “A Rose for Emily”: Discussion on Narrator, plot development, and style.
Homework: Read “Guests of the Nation” pages 51-59. Answer question #2.
In class discussion of “Guests of the Nation” and quiz.
Homework: Read “War” (handout) and be prepared to compare/contrast it to “Guests of the Nation” in
class on Wednesday.
In Class Timed Writing: Compare and contrast “Guests of a Nation” and “War”. Specific question will be
given in class.
Compare and contrast “Guests of the Nation” to “War” paying close attention to point-of-view, focus,
and the endings.
Vocabulary Quiz (we do not meet on Friday).
We will read “The Story of an Hour” in class. We will stop and make predictions as we read it.
No class due to Early Dismissal. Come Tuesday prepared to discuss “Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason
pages 67-76. Be sure to have answered #2 on page 77.