AP Literature Weekly Syllabus August 19

AP Literature Weekly Syllabus
August 19-23, 2013
Recognize and assess the different literary genres.
Analyze different genres of literature, particularly short stories, novels, drama, and poetry.
Read literary texts closely.
Apply literary terminology to fiction, drama, and poetry.
Hand out vocabulary for the week.
Read and annotate “The Black Walnut Tree” by Mary Oliver (an author who is often on the AP exam).
Discuss its implications and why you have to get at the “heart” of the poem rather than just the surface.
This is the difference in AP Lit and AP Lang.
Read pages 1-5 in your Literature book. Take notes. As a class, we will discuss the various questions
asked by the author.
Read “The Prodigal Son” pages27-32 and takenotes.
Homework: Read “A&P” pages 32-36.
Answer questions 1-11 on pages 36-37 in complete sentences. You will turn these in (it will not take you
the whole period).
Working with a partner, find all of the direct/indirect characterizations of Sammie.
Homework: Read “Araby” pages 86-90, Do Questions for Reflection 1-3 in complete sentences.
Timed Writing Assignment:
Class discussion comparing “Araby” and “A&P”.
Homework: Read “The Rocking-Horse Winner” pages 100-108. Write your reaction to the story.
Vocabulary and Reading Quiz.
Discuss Irony and its many forms and why it is so important in “The Rocking-Horse Winner”.
Read Point of View information on pages 77-78 and take notes.
Homework: Read “A Rose for Emily” pgs 79-84.