Introduction - TAFE-Cert-3

Week 9
The Lymphatic & Immune System
Worksheet – The Lymphatic & Immune System
Name the structures and functions of the lymphatic system.
How is lymph moved throughout the body?
Interstitial fluid and lymph are basically the same substance.
difference, if any?
What is the
Lymph capillaries are different in structure to blood capillaries. Can you explain
how they differ?
Why are the tonsils situated at the back of the throat region?
Where are Peyers patches located and what is their role?
What are the two defense systems of the body?
Which of these two are commonly referred to as the immune system?
The first and second lines of defense belong to which of the two systems?
In your own words, explain how the mechanisms of the first line of defense
protect the body against foreign invaders:
What are the four cardinal signs of the inflammatory response?
What are the three functions of the inflammatory response?
What is an antigen?
What is the difference between naturally acquired active immunity and artificially
acquired active immunity?
How does passive immunity work?
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