Science 6 Course Expectation

Science 6 Course Expectation
Course Title: Science 6
Course Teachers: Linda Lam,
Contact Email: [email protected]
Class Website: click on “Staff” tab to find teacher’s
webpage or go to and put in my name
Course Description:
Students in Science 6 will continue to understand core ideas in physical, earth, and
life sciences. The middle school performance expectations will build on K-5 ideas
and capabilities and allow learners to explain phenomena central to these 3 branches
of science and develop an understanding of several scientific practices. These include
developing and using models, planning and conducting investigations, analyzing and
interpreting data, using mathematical computational thinking and constructing
General Course and Career Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the student will:
1. increase scientific literacy and content knowledge in physical, earth, and life sciences
2. identify, use, and apply the scientific method
3. comprehend basic science concepts
4. develop an awareness of career opportunities in science
5. understand various human impacts on the earth
6. comprehend the use of technology in science
Class Requirements and Grading Procedures:
Assessment: Objective tests, proficiency tests, student files, team and individual projects,
notebook checks, and observations will be used to evaluate students. Semester exams will be
Assignments and Homework policy: Students will complete work individually and in
cooperative learning teams. Any assignment not completed in class becomes homework,
depending on the situation. Homework assignments will be given weekly. Generally,
homework is given out on Monday and will be due Friday. Our school wide homework policy
is that NO homework will be accepted after the due date for credit. Projects: There may be
1-2 projects each semester. These will be completed outside of class. Students will be notified
well in advance of project due dates. Rogich is implementing Project Based Learning (PBL),
which will be a required part of this course. Projects will lose 10% off the total grade for
EACH day it is late. Inappropriate Lab Behavior will result in removal from the lab and a
zero for that lab assignment.
Materials: Students are required to bring pencils, a blue or black pen, a spiral or composition
notebook, a folder, and an agenda EVERYDAY to class. Class Participation/Activities: It is
necessary for students to participate in all class activities, laboratory experiments, and class
discussions to receive the full benefits of a hands-on science experience.
Grading Scale
Grade Weighting for Quarter Grades
90 - 100%
80 - 89%
70 - 79%
60 - 69%
50 - 59%
for all missing work
50% Assessments
40% Classwork
10% Homework
100% Total Quarter Grade
Semester Grade = Quarter 1 Grade (40%) + Quarter 2 Grade (40%) + Semester Final (20%)
It is YOUR responsibility to ask the teacher for all makeup work. The best time is before or
after class. You have 3 days after an absence to turn in work.
Tardy Prevention Program
The Tardy Prevention Program will be consistent with the school-wide tardy policy. The Dean’s
office will be explaining the tardy policy in more detail very soon.
Acknowledgement of Earth Science Course Expectations
Print out, complete and return to your Earth Science teacher.
I have read the above course expectations and know what is expected of me at all times in
Science 6.
Student Name (PRINT): _________________________________________Date: ____________
Student Signature: ______________________________________________Period: __________
I have read the above course expectations and know what is expected of my child in Science 6
this school year.
Parent/Guardian Name (PRINT): ___________________________________Date: ___________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________Date:___________
Contact email/phone number: _____________________________________________________
Classroom Donations
Students use various supplies in the classroom throughout the year. Most of these supplies are
purchased by the teacher and used by the students. If you would like to donate supplies
throughout the year to help enhance your child’s learning environment it would be greatly
appreciated. These supplies are not required but would really help our classroom!!
Copy Paper
Glue Sticks
Kleenex Tissue
Colored Pencils
Paper Towels
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Antibacterial Hand Gel Hand Soap