Ch 36 Study Guide

Ch 36 Study Guide
36.1 Skeletal System
*Label bones found on Skeleton
*Functions of Skeletal System
*What are the 2 divisions of the Skeletal System and what bones
makeup each?
*What is the structure of a bone?
* What is Bone marrow and the 2 types?
*How do bones develop? Cartilage, Ossification, Growth Plates
*What are the 3 kinds of joints and characteristics of each?
*What are the 4 types of freely movable joints?
*What are some skeletal system disorders?
36.2 Muscle System
* What are the 3 types of muscles and their function?
*Be sure to check pictures of each type to ID muscles based on
*Be sure to know characteristics in Compare/Contrast Table
*Sliding Filament Theory
*How muscles and bones interact
*Importance of exercise
36.3 Integumentary System
* Function
* What are the 2 main layers of the skin and their function?
*What are the 2 types of glands found in the dermis and their function?
*Function of Hair and Nails