5 Main Functions of the Skelton marked

Samantha Watson
Matt Hopton
Unit 5 – Anatomy and Physiology
5 Main Functions of the Skelton –
Movement – muscles are attached to bones, when the mucles contract the bones
move. The movement of the skeleton is very important as you need to be able to
move your fingers, toes, legs, arms, neck and others to do normal daily routines.
Support the Body – the skelenton is the frame work of the body, the vertebral
column holds the body upright.
Protection – the rib cage is used to protect all the main organs such as the heart,
liver, kidneys and the stomach and the cranium is used to protect the brain and
reduse the risk of injury.
Storage of Minerals – bone tissue stores many different minerals including calcium
and phosphorus, when these are required the bone releases these minerals into the
Blood Production – white blood cells and red blood cells are produced in the bone
marrow of some bones.
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