Animal Farm Test Review Questions

Animal Farm Review Questions
1. Describe the prosperity of Animal Farm
2. Who was getting richer?
3. What does Squealer do with the sheep?
4. When the pigs walk upright – what is left on the barn wall?
5. What was happening when the rest of the animals looked in the windows
of the farmhouse?
6. What is the significance of Clover not being able to distinguish between
man and pig?
Analyzing Literature:
1. What changes are made to the Fifth and Sixth Commandments? How is the
entire list of Commandments ultimately refashioned? What point is Orwell
making about the role of communication in Soviet society?
2. In Chapter 10 the pigs begin to walk on two legs. In your opinion is this
evolution a sign of progress? Explain.
Personal response:
1. What is your reaction to the novel’s ending? For example, do you find it
uplifting, depressing or cynical? Explain.
Chapter Breakdown:
Make notes of key events from each chapter to help with your study of the
novel in preparation for your unit test.
Test Breakdown:
Multiple choice
Short Answer
T/F – if false you must correct the mistake
Long Answer
Make sure you study all handouts from the beginning of the unit.