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ANIMAL FARM in class writing
Choose any three of the following questions to answer. You must answer three questions. Be
sure to answer in complete paragraphs. Your answers should be thorough, and they should
include CITED and EMBEDDED quotes from the text. CIRCLE the numbers of the questions
you answer, write the corresponding number with each paragraph on your paper, AND staple
this sheet to the top of your paragraphs.
1. Identify three ways that Napoleon tries to solidify his leadership position on the farm. How
does the process of decision-making on the farm change under Napoleon’s leadership?
2. Do you think it’s fair that those who are more educated or more skilled—like the pigs in
Animal Farm—have more influence in decision making? Consider how decisions are made in
your community, state, or in the nation.
3. What changes are made to the Fifth and Sixth Commandments? How is the entire list of
Commandments ultimately refashioned? What point is Orwell making about the role of
communication in Soviet society?
4. Animal Farm contains many extremely effective scenes. Some are humorous or witty, others
are bitterly ironic or pessimistic. Which scene did you find most memorable and effective?
5. Give examples of peer pressure as used in the novel, paying close attention to Boxer and the
6. Speculate on why Orwell made the reader sympathize with all the animals except the pigs,
the most intelligent beasts and the closest to humans of any of the animals.
7. Discuss the importance of education as it evolves during the course of the novel. At the same
time, address the distinctions that may be made between education and indoctrination.
8. Explain why an “enemy” or scapegoat is necessary for the animals. Why does the “enemy”
have to change? If there were no “enemy,” what would that mean for any society, including that
of Animal Farm?