Vocabulary for Respiration

Vocabulary for Breathing:
1. Ventilation – breathing is the mechanical process of moving air into and out of
the lungs
2. Inhalation/ Exhalation – bringing air into the lung – pushing air out of the lung
3. Epiglottis – flap of skin, which covers glottis-the opening to the trachea
4. Cellular respiration –metabolic activity in the mitochondria where sugar is
combined with oxygen to release energy for cell’s use
5. Diaphragm – a broad thin muscle separating the chest cavity from the abdomen
that can contract and move downward
6. Trachea – (aka windpipe) passageway for air to get into lung
7. Intercostal muscles - muscles between rib bones which can contract and cause
ribs to move out and upward
8. Bronchus – the largest branch of trachea
9. Bronchi – plural form of bronchus
10. Bronchiole – the smallest branches
11. Alveoli – tiny sacs in the lungs through which the exchange of oxygen and carbon
dioxide takes place. The singular form of alveoli is aveolus
12. Capillary – the smallest blood vessel where gas exchange takes place
13. Pleura – the double-layered membrane which snugly enclose lungs
14. Pleural membrane - one part of the pleura
15. Pleural cavity - the space between the membranes that is filled with pleural fluid
16. Pressure – the force that molecules apply, in general if there are more molecules in a
certain volume, that means more force is exerted.
17. Valves
18. Closed
19. Aorta
20. Atrium
21. Ventricle
22. Artery
23. Veins
24. Jonas Salk
25. Platelets
26. Red Blood Cells
27. White Blood Cells
28. Plasma
29.Pulmonary Artery
30. Pulmonary Vein
37. William Harvey
38. Total Lung Capacity
39. Vital Capacity
40. Residual Volume
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