Respiratory Flip Book

1. Respiratory System System consisting of the organs that provide the body with a
continuous supply of oxygen and rid the body of carbon dioxide.
2. Mouth and Nose Air enters through the nose and mouth, both of which are lined
with mucous membranes.
 Fine hairs called cilia trap dirt that you breathe in.
3. Throat Has two passageways
o One for air
o One for food
4. Epiglottis Is a flap of tissue that closes over the trachea when you swallow.
5. Larynx Is the upper part of the respiratory system, which contains the
vocal cords.
6. Trachea Is a windpipe that directs air to the lungs.
7. Bronchi Are passages through which air enters the lungs.
 In the lungs, oxygen is transferred to the blood, and carbon dioxide
is removed from the blood.
8. Diaphragm Is a dome-shaped muscle that separates the lungs from the
1. Influenza- (Flu) caused by a virus
2. Bronchitis- Is swelling of bronchi-the lungs’ air passages-due to
3. Allergies- Immune responses to foreign substances.
4. Asthma- An inflammatory disease that causes the bronchi to
become blocked or narrowed.
5. Pneumonia- Lung infection caused by viruses or bacteria.
6. Emphysema- A disease in which the alveoli are damaged or
7. Tuberculosis- A bacterial lung infection that causes a dry cough
in early stages and chest pain later on.
8. Lung Cancer- A disease in which tissues of the lung are
destroyed by the growth of a tumor.
Stay active- regular physical activity
Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke
Avoid polluted air.
Reduce your risk of respiratory infection- by washing your
hands regularly with soap and water and avoid touching your
nose and mouth.