Respiratory System
• Oxygen(O2) is provided continuously by?
• Plants
• It only takes how many minutes to cause brain damage after oxygen
intake ceases?
• 4 to 6
• This is the exchange of gases within the cells of all the body organs
and tissue?
• Internal exchange
• The nose is divided by a wall called the?
• Septum
• Inside the nostrils are hairs called?
• Cilia
• Which anatomy cavity protects the structures of the chest?
• Thoracic cavity
• Which structure carries both food and air?
• Pharynx
• What closes off the laryngopharynx to prevent food
from entering the trachea and lungs?
• Epiglottis
• Known as the voice box?
• Larynx
• This the largest cartilage in the larynx and known as
the Adam’s apple?
• Thyroid cartilage
• This is procedure done by making an external opening
into the trachea, and inserting a tube to permit air to
• Tracheotomy
• This is commonly called the windpipe and extends
from the neck?
• Trachea
• This divides into two sections from the trachea, called
the right and left?
• Bronchi
• These tiny air passageways have walls of muscle cells
and branch from the bronchi?
• Bronchioles
• Each bronchiole ends in a grape cluster of microscopic
air sacs called?
• Alveoli
• Respiration is considered to be?
• One inhalation and one expiration
The right lung has how many lobes?
Three lobes, upper, middle, and lower
The left lung has how many lobes?
Two lobes, upper and lower
The degree of inflation depends on the presence of what
this is a fatty molecule on the respiratory membrane?
This contains a lubricating fluid to prevent friction as the
membranes rub together during respiration?
Pleural space
This is the principle breathing muscle , and when it
contracts , it produces a vacuum within the thoracic cavity,
causing air to be drawn in?
• This is a test(scope) to view the airways and bronchial
tree to diagnose lung disease?
• Bronchoscopy
• This a reaction to airborne allergens causing sneezing,
watery nasal discharge, and congestion?
• Allergic Rhinitis
• This is a chronic disorder characterized by swelling,
inflammation, and contrition of the bronchi and
bronchioles, indication of wheezing?
• Asthma
• This can be an acute or chronic disease with
inflammation of the bronchial walls with narrowing of
the airways?
• Bronchitis
• This is a disease which involves destruction of the lungs
over time, making you progressively more short of breath?
• Emphysema
• Medical term for a nosebleed?
• Epistaxis
• This condition is a serious infection of the lungs in which
the smallest bronchioles and alveoli fill with pus and other
• Pneumonia
• This is an accumulation of the air or gas in the pleural space
causing the lung to collapse?
• Pneumothorax
• This is inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest
(the pleura) that leads to chest pain (usually sharp) when
you take a breath or cough?
• Pleurisy
• This is the presence of excess fluid in the plural space?
• Pleural Effusion
• This is a condition that is characterized by the
accumulation of fluid on the lungs?
• Pulmonary Edema
• This is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system
your nose, throat and lungs, causes fever, weakness, severe
aches and pains, and breathing problems?
• Influenza
• This is a mysterious condition that kills apparently
healthy infants?
• Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS)
• List some links to a baby's increased risk of SIDS?
-Placing a baby on their stomach
-Sleeping in the same bed as their parents
-Soft bedding in the crib
-Multiple birth babies
-Premature birth
• This communicable disease is characterized by nodular lesions and patchy
infiltration of lung tissue, but may spread to other organs, you can get this
by breathing in air droplets from a cough or sneeze of an infected person?
• Tuberculosis(TB)
• This is a disease of the upper respiratory system, considered a bacterial
infection, associated with a persistent cough for 10 or more days?
• Pertussis
• A small electrical device that fits on the end of the index finger and
determines oxygen content in the blood?
• Pulse-oximetry
• Define cystic fibrosis?
• Causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, digestive tract, and
other areas of the body, this is a genetic disorder in children
• This condition is an acute respiratory syndrome in infants and children
characterized by a barking cough?
• Croup