Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide There will be some short

Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide
There will be some short answer questions on the final, but the final itself will mostly be scantron. The
topics of the short answer questions will be posted in this study guide.
This is the study guide for the final. It is separated by unit/chapter. The ideas/concepts listed are what
you should be focusing on. Knowing definitions of terms/concepts is a good start. The amount of
material is quite large. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to email me!
[email protected]
The guide may be updates between now and the end of break. If it is, I will note it on my teacher page,
and have any changes either bolded, or in a different color.
-Mr. C
1. Anatomy/Physiology
a. Definition? What is it?
2. Levels of Organization
3. Homeostasis
i. Examples?
ii. Negative Feedback
4. Body Cavities
a. Names/Locations
5. Membranes
a. Pleura, Parietal
6. Directions
a. Superior/inferior
b. Etc.
7. Body Locations
a. Brachial
b. Mental
c. Etc.
8. Tissues
a. Types of Tissues
i. Locations
b. Basement Membrane
c. Classification
i. Number of Layers
ii. Shapes
d. Connective Tissues
e. Collagenous Fibers
i. Collagen
f. Elastic Fibers
i. Elastic
g. Specialized CT
i. Bone
ii. Blood
iii. Cartilage
1. Types
h. Muscles
i. Smooth
ii. Cardiac
iii. Skeletal
9. Integumentary System
a. Skin
i. Layers
ii. Keratinization
b. Sweat Glands
i. Types/Locations
c. Nails
i. Composition
d. Hair
i. Composition
10. Skeletal System
a. Bone Physiology
b. Parts of a long bone
c. Locations of bones
d. Labeling of bones
e. Bone Cells
i. Osteocytes, Blasts,
Clasts, Osteons
f. Haversian Canals
g. Different types of bones
i. Intramembranous
ii. Endochondral
h. Ossification
i. Bone Homeostasis
i. Calcium Levels in the
j. Labeling of structures on bones
i. Articulations
ii. Processes
11. Muscles
a. Muscle structure
i. Actin
ii. Myosin
iii. Troponin, Tropomyosin
b. Muscle Movement
i. Crossbridges
ii. Muscle Impulse
iii. Neuromuscular
iv. ACh
v. Sodium, Calcium
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