Biomedical Research

What is biomedical research?
 Definition:
Biomedical research is the
broad area of science that looks for
ways to prevent and treat diseases
that cause illness and death in
people and in animals.
What is basic research?
 It
is research that is driven by a
scientist's curiosity or interest in a
scientific question
 It is research conducted to increase
fundamental knowledge
 Not directed toward solving any
particular problem
 It provides building blocks for other
types of research***
Examples of basic research***
 Your
teacher assigns you to write a
research paper on Alzheimer’s
 Mice in a laboratory being deprived
of sleep as part of a research study.
 When a new infectious disease
emerges, it will begin with basic
What is applied research?
 Applied
research is designed to solve
practical problems of the modern
world, rather than to acquire
knowledge for knowledge's sake.
Applied research is:
 Directed
toward specific objectives –
for example, development of new
drug, treatment, or surgical
 Conducted with animals, non-animal
methods (computer models or tissue
cultures), and humans
 It is MOST often conducted using
What is clinical research?
 Patient-oriented
Research conducted with human
subjects (or on material of human
origin such as tissues, specimens
and cognitive phenomena) for which
an investigator (or colleague) directly
interacts with human subjects.
When is it used?
 Used
when other forms of research
have taken place
 Used to test potential drugs and
treatments in humans
 Builds on what is done in basic and
applied stages
 This is usually the last stage of
medical research***
 There
is a broad variety of activities
and areas of study such as:
– Human clinical trials
– Psychosocial and behavioral research
– Disease control research
Examples of clinical research:
patient who was diagnosed with
leukemia takes part in a research
study that is going on at Duke.
 A research study that targets certain
people and pays him/her for
 A hospital who invites participants
with high blood pressure to take part
in a study of a new medication.
 Our
most significant opportunities
will be found in times of greatest
 When
you hear the word research,
what do you think that means? Are
there different types of research?
Why do we do research?`
 Let
others lead small lives, but not
you. Let others argue over small
things, but not you. Let others cry
over small hurts, but not you. Let
others leave their future in someone
else’s hands, but not you.
 A new infectious disease emerges in
Africa. What type of research will
begin in America?